Board Member: Rick Ziebarth

Rick owns a home on near the airport on Put-in-Bay and is the owner/pilot for the "Baystormer"

Bi-plane tour rides. Rick is a full time pilot. He joined the Board in 2015.

Treasurer: Sharon Gray

Sharon is a year round resident of Put-in-Bay. She was the Port Authority Secretary from

2009 - 2013. Sharon joined the board as Treasurer in January 2014. She is a business owner on


The Put-in-Bay Township Port Authority board is appointed by the Put-in-Bay Township Trustees.

Chairman:  Eric Engel
Eric was appointed to the board in 2012 and summered on the Put-in-Bay until he became a year round resident in 1980.  Eric has worked for Miller Boat Line since 1988 and a Captain since 1995.

Board Member: Robert Stausmire  (New)
Bob joined the board Jan. 2017. He is replacing Karl Schmidlin  who retired December 2016.

​Bob owns a home on Middle Bass Island that belonged to his family  since the 1950's. He has been a ferry boat Captain since 1978 and is currently working for Miller Boat Line in the summer. Bob has also done carpentry and project management work for a number of years.

Vice-Chairman:  Patrick Myers
Patrick is a year round resident of Put-in-Bay since 1986.  He has served on the board since January 2000 and has served as Vice-Chairman since 2004.  Along with his wife Melinda, they operate the Crews Nest and Doller Estate on Put-in-Bay.


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