Our annual audit is available at the Auditor of the State of Ohio website.   Enter "Put in Bay Township Port Authority" and "Ottawa" county as your search parameters.  It will display a list of annual audits for you to select.  Audits are typically completed by May or June and available online by August for the prior fiscal year. 

Link to FY2011 Annual Audit
 Link to
FY2012 Annual audit

 Link to FY2013 Annual Audit

 Link to FY2014 Annual Audit

​​​Copies of 2013 Meeting Notes Available:
January   February 16th  March 16th

  April 20  May 18th 
June 17th  July 15th  

August 19th/ Cancelled 

Sept 20th    October 19th  November 9th
December 14

Put-in-Bay Twp
Port Authority

Copies of 2016 Meeting 

January 6th    No February   March 19

April 9     May 16

 Copies of 2015 Meeting Notes 

Races on August 28 and 29, 2017
The annual Put-in-Bay Road Race Reunion will return to the airport on August 28, 2017! 

See www.pibroadrace.com for more information on this three day event.

The Fabulous Vintage Sports Car Races Return to Put-in-Bay

August 28 & 29 (Monday /Tuesday) 2017

10am to 5pm Each Day


Copies of 2014 Meeting Notes:

January No February  No March

 April   May   June 9   July


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